This blog was started as a revival of the original UndiscoveredHouse blog which I deleted a few years ago (I never thought I would be motivated to share about deep house music again). I couldn’t reuse the original domain name of undiscoveredhouse.wordpress.com so here we are.

First discovered deep house in 2010 while listening to a midnight DJ mix on radio at about 3am in the morning by accident, and I’ve never looked back since. Among the tracks that I heard that night were Mood II Swing feat. Tara J – Passing Time and Azymuth – Tempos Atraz (APE Remix).

The original motivation was to create a medium for others to discover the occasional undiscovered music that I come across, similar to how I first found deep house. If you’re a genres person, these would span across the likes of jazz, lounge, deep house, soulful house etc.

I would like to think that my music taste is pretty diverse – encapsulating what’s mentioned above and also including the likes of symphonic black metal (think Dimmu Borgir), blues (think Stevie Ray Vaughan) and psychedelic rock (think Pink Floyd) at times. Still can’t appreciate classical music and opera though.

As someone who lives in Asia, it’s also pretty hard to come across some quality music, let alone meet someone with similar music taste. You might have noticed that many of the Youtube videos on this blog garner no more than 4-5 digit views. Definitely NOT your typical Miley Cyrus music video.

If you liked the music, do leave a comment on my posts and show your support for the artist as well. So ’nuff said, just sit back, relax, and let the music take you on a journey.

As quoted from Koop’s Beyond the Son:

Until such time, may the winds be at your back, the dice be kind, and the Gods turn the occasional blind eye.

For the love of all things deep,


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